Exactly like… nothing else!


LIFT OFF is a native CLOUD ERP software application. Access it from anywhere, anytime, on any web-enabled device. No proprietary hardware. No software installation.


Hosted in Amazon Web Services, LBM LIFT OFF is protected by military-grade-encryption, mirrored environments and active firewall monitoring.


Unlike the legacy systems, LBM LIFT OFF is readily customizable to suit your method of operations. Custom programming is both affordable and provided in a timely manner.

The LBM Software Designed By LBM Pros

Created by LBM entrepreneurs with more than a half century of experience, our cloud-based enterprise solution provides the state of the art, end-to-end system for managing your business.

Unlike software designers that operate in a tech bubble – with little or no hands-on experience in the lumber and building materials industry – LIFT OFF was created by real world LBM industry owners and managers.