LBM LIFT OFF puts all of these features at your fingertips:


All reports in LiftOff are interactive. Users can drill as deep as they want into their customer, inventory, or sales data.


With LiftOff’s Listing Pages, users can find relevant data quickly, then save searches, and related filters, for later use.

Door Configurator

Save time, reduce errors, and improve quality in any door shop with LiftOff.
Use the configurator to pull the required slab, jamb, moulding, and hinges out of inventory, then add labor charges, to get a door built correctly and efficiently, the first time.

Cut Program

Convert one piece of lumber (a 1x12x16) into other pieces (two 1x3x16 and one 1x5x16), and let LiftOff do all the math. Inventory is updated accurately, and the cost of the waste (1x1x16 in this case) is either brought into the cost of the newly-created products, or written off to a GL account.


LiftOff allows you to work with trace or fractional quantities of some items that are used in the manufacture of larger items. Nesting BOMs, and setting a BOM formula in one UOM (but building in another) is possible in LiftOff.

For example, use a fraction of a box of 8in. structural screws in a BOM for a something like a shed or picnic table.

Rebate Tracker

Track rebates for both customers and vendors, and track them by product, or dollar amount, or both.




Instead of denying someone from logging in, or booting a user when someone else logs in (exceeding the arbitrary per-seat license limit that most software companies set), LiftOff doesn’t have a set number of user licenses. One user can open several different sessions, and not affect anyone else.

Data Limitations

Give things like items, vendors, and customers the descriptions you want, rather than be limited to a set number of characters.

Open API

LiftOff’s API allows for seamless integration with 3rd party applications.

Vendor Integrations

We integrate with Do it Best, Emery Jensen, and Orgill, saving you time and money with your hardware orders.